How to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) for Indian

We recently been to Italy to travel. We choose to explore Italy through road this time and decided to rent a car, which is quite common and popular in Europe. So, I did some research over the internet and find out that International Driving Permit is compulsory for all person outside of the EU. So, I went and get one for myself. And here is the process of how one can get it from the RTO.


To get an international driving permit (IDP) you have to go to RTO. Ideally, it should be a two-day process (Ideally because it is a government department, may take more time in some cases.).

  • Prerequisite
    • You must have the Driving license of same class vehicle before applying for IDP.
    • If you have old license, you have to go to RTO first to make your Driving license entry in their data base. You will come to know while trying to fetch records while applying for IDP on sarathi website, if you unable to fetch your records using DL number and date of birth then you should go to RTO first to get it done. Then you could continue this process.
  • Document List (Carry all original documents while visiting RTO)
    • Driving License copy
    • Flight Tickets copy
    • Visa copy
    • Passport copy
    • 6 passport size photos
  • Additional documents
    • IDP Application Form (Form 4A)
    • Medical Certificate (Form 1A)
  • Now these two documents requirement are not mentioned on any RTO website, but they asked it from me and waisted an extra day of mine, so I suggest you get this to avoid the same. Don’t worry I have attached all my documents copies here for reference so it will be easier for you.
    • Affidavit
    • Police Clearing Certificate

Sample Documents

First, you have to go to Sarthi parivahan website and file an online application, you have to upload your documents there so keep it scanned. and follow the below steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Select your State > Apply Online > Service on Driving License.
  3. Fill in your DL number and Date of birth to fetch the License details.
  4. Select your state and RTO, where you need to submit the application.
  5. Proceed.
  7. Fill up the form.
  8. Upload Documents.
  9. Take Print out of Application Form.
  10. Pay Fees 1000/- Online. (this is optional you can pay at RTO as well, but this will save you time.)
  11. If you pay online, take the printout of Fee Payment Receipt.

Now you have to go to your regional RTO office, single window application queue and tell them that you have applied for IDP, they will check your application, verify at multiple stages (May ask you to go around 2-3 desks to get documents verified). Then you have to follow their lead on when to come back to get your IDP.

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